Sustainability strategy


With over 60 years of experience, AMAG components specializes in the production of ready-to-install metal parts made from aluminium and titanium for the aerospace industry.


Our stated goal is to create a sustainable value chain by combining the production of primary materials and recycling with mechanical processing at AMAG.



Responsible corporate governance

Compliance with all relevant laws, voluntary commitments, internal regulations, and fair competitive practices is of paramount importance to ensure that we are seen as a trustworthy partner by our shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and society as a whole. Following AMAG’s majority takeover of ACP, the AMAG compliance system is being fully integrated into the ACP Group.



Strong customer relationships and innovative products

Our dealings with all our customers are built on mutual respect, trust and partnership. We promote long-term success for existing and new customers with our quality-conscious, service-oriented, reliable and innovative business philosophy and practices.



Sincere employee relationships

Mutual appreciation, trust and fairness in our dealings with employees and regional partners are the cornerstones of our entrepreneurial activities. Skilled and motivated employees are a vital key to success. Continuous further development in occupational safety and health protection combined with specially designed training and development programs create the necessary basis for this – and optimum conditions for our employees. Our employees all work together in a respectful, appreciative and collaborative environment and treat each other fairly.

Dedicated to environmental protection

We work hard to consistently improve our environmental performance and are committed to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings through low energy consumption in manufacturing. One of the key elements of corporate environmental protection is continuous improvement through the avoidance or reduction of environmental pollution. Alongside the LEAN process, the certifications of our environmental and energy management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 help to ensure continuous improvement and resource conservation. The effectiveness of our management system is assured by means of regular audits and employee training.



Social commitment

As an employer, we aim to fulfill not only our economic obligations, but our social obligations as well.


We help promote the public good by donating funds, materials and supplies, and by getting involved personally and supporting volunteer initiatives.


We and our employees maintain cooperative partnerships with and are active members of initiatives dedicated to promoting social harmony. In this context, we are especially interested in long-term cooperation and a regional focus.




Responsible value chain

Our stated aim is to create a sustainable value chain by combining primary material production and recycling with mechanical processing at AMAG. The metal recyclables can be optimally utilized on a single-variety basis by means of quality-assured processes. This will facilitate further optimization of AMAG’s carbon footprint. The sustainable value chain comprises:


    • closed-loop recycling (single-variety materials cycle) of panel cuttings and chips produced during the milling process

    • an improved buy-to-fly ratio (ratio between the weight of purchased raw material and the weight of the final part)

    • optimized logistics along the entire value chain